Secures carrier to door frame avoiding the use of Pass-Through straps, which may pass too close to the head of tall drivers in small cars.

Straps attach to ½” ridge that protrudes downward from the top section of the door frame in some (but not all) cars.

Straps go over the top of the carrier, passing through strap guides.

Doors close over the straps.

When installed properly, the door hooks remain inside the car, and when the door closes, only the strap is visible from the outside. 

Two straps are included.

Each strap has two Door Hooks - one at each end.

Each strap has 3 components: Hook Short Strap + Top Strap + Hook Long Strap.

Total length per strap: 92 inches.

Door Hook straps are not included with the carrier because they don't work on every car. They must be ordered separately.

  • Straps are seat-belt syle, 1.5" wide, heavy duty, 2,000 lbs. strong
  • Water repellent, won't wick water into the car
  • 4 Door Hooks are vinyl-coated steel: strong and protect the car's finish
  • 4 side-release buckles for easy connect-disconnect and quick access to contents
  • Adjustable buckle in each strap for easy length adjustment

Important Requirement
For the Door Hook straps to work safely, car must have a rigid ridge or lip, about 1/2" high and 1/2" wide, protruding downward from the upper section of the door frame. This ridge may be covered with a removable rubber seal or plastic molding.


List price: $18.00
Price: $14.00
Do I Need This: 

Add extra Door Hook Straps if:

  • car has ½” ridge on door frame
  • to alternate from a Rack vehicle to car Without Rack

    (straps are interchangeable)

Title Summary: 

Not included with carrier. Order separately.